Sample Of Share Transfer Agreement

This document is used by a party who intends to transfer its shares in one enterprise to another party. The party transferring its shares may be a company, a person or another organization. 1.2 The transfer is absolute and includes all rights and obligations related to the shares, including, but not limited to, all rights in dividends, capital and voting rights and, for the avoidance of doubt, dividends due but not yet paid are due and paid to the buyer. PandaTip: This is a share transfer agreement (or shares). This model share transfer agreement is suitable for the transfer of shares in private and public companies and can be used instead of one transfer form or another. This share transfer agreement may also be amended to include special conditions related to the transfer, which would not be possible with a share transfer form and which are likely to transfer shares in several companies and several classes of shares. 5.5 Each party hereby declares that it is not informed of matters under its control that could have a negative or negative impact on the performance of its obligations under this Share Transfer Agreement. Shares are fixed identifiable units of capital representing a member`s interest in an enterprise. As soon as a party holds shares in a company, that party becomes a member of the company with the right to transfer and transfer the shares. Note that before such a transfer may be made, a party must hold shares in that business and may not transfer more than it has. 5.6 The rights, benefits, liabilities and liabilities contained in the terms of this Share Transfer Agreement may be assigned by any party with the prior written consent of the other party. The two main classes of shares that can be transferred are: PandaTip: when the transferred shares are sold, the “assignor” means the seller and the “buyer” means the buyer.

While Party B intends to transfer all shares of Songyuan City Liuhe Co., Ltd., after voluntary and fair negotiations between the parties, the parties conclude this agreement on the basis of the Memorandum of Understanding signed on 26.03.2011 (the Memorandum of Understanding), the Contract Law, Company Law and other related laws and regulations. PandaTip: This schedule should contain all shares or shares transferred under this share transfer agreement. When shares or shares are transferred by more than one company, they must each have a specific row in a table like the one below. They should present the transferred shares in as much detail as possible. Try to include the class of shares, the par value of the shares and whether they are deposited or not. Below are some examples: while Party B agrees to accept 100% of Lake Communication`s shares from Party A. After both parties had amicably compromised each other with the principle of fairness, both parties had agreed, upon the transfer of 100% of Lake Communication`s shares from Part A: 5.4 Each party hereby declares that it has all the necessary powers and authorizations to enter into this share transfer agreement. 5.14 This share transfer agreement may be executed either in an original or in more than one consideration. After completing this form, the recipient and the buyer(s) must sign this document.

If one of the parties is a company, the company can affix its common seal to the document on the document, and either two directors or a director and secretary should sign the document. . . .